Ninety-five percent of school-aged kids and teens attend school. Aside from the home, it's the place where kids spend most of their time. During out-of-school time hours, 15 percent of American youth are involved in afterschool programs and millions more participate in programs through summer camps, community centers and faith-based organizations.

These are the places kids spend their time, and these are the places where we can instill the healthy habits and active lifestyles that young people will keep for the rest of their lives.

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10 Ways to #Commit2Ten Right now


Dance to 10

Every morning at your school or before your out-of-school time program begins, play a soundtrack of upbeat music for the 10 minutes right before classes or programming starts. Encourage your kids to use those 10 minutes to dance to wherever they are going. The key is making the music fairly loud and using songs that are kid-friendly and fun to dance to.


Tabata to 10

Tabata is a high-intensity circuit workout that you can modify to work for your kids and your space. The key is choosing 10 exercises that are fun and easy to repeat. For example: shadow boxing, high knees or invisible jump rope. Go through your complete set of 10 exercises, performing each one for 10 seconds and then break for 10 seconds.


Pose to 10

Before, during or after your class or programming, give kids a chance to refocus with simple yoga poses that will get them up and moving just enough to pay attention once they sit back down. Use our Fit for a Healthier Generation video series to follow along with fitness expert Tara Stiles for easy and engaging yoga breaks..

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Do More

Our Healthy Schools Program and Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative are helping more than 20 million kids in nearly 30,000 schools and out-of-school time sites around the country move more.

More than 85% of the elementary schools actively engaged with our program offer at least 20 minutes of recess per day.

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