Nearly half of our waking hours are spent at work. Why not use those hours to help reach our healthy lifestyle goals?

When employees are healthy, everybody benefits. Healthy employees are more productive, have more energy and better manage stress. Taking the right steps to create a healthy work environment can keep staff healthy, decrease sick days, lower insurance costs and increase employee retention.

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10 Ways to #Commit2Ten Right now


Meet for 10

Move more by adding 10 minute physical activity breaks into your meeting agendas. Try implementing new ways to move from NANA’s Healthy Meeting Toolkit. Look for activities that appeal to a variety of fitness levels. Remember that the purpose of the break is to get everyone moving for 10 minutes.


Stroll for 10

Take your meetings for a walk. Whether you share a physical space with your coworkers or work in a virtual organization, use this month to promote the walking meeting. On top of helping you and your colleagues add minutes of physical activity to your day, walking can help boost creativity and enhance communication among team members.


Pledge for 10

Calling all CEOs – pledge your support to recognize physical activity as an important driver of employee health and business performance. The CEO Pledge championed by the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity is an evidence-based strategy for promoting a culture of physical activity within an organization.

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Do More

We rely on our diverse partnerships to create the multi-faceted solutions we need to reverse the high rates of childhood obesity we experience today. Engaging with companies in many industries can systemically improve access to healthier foods and beverages as well as physical activity for kids and their families. Together with our corporate partners, we are helping America's schools serve healthier foods and beverages, providing preventative services to children most in need and creating healthier communities nationwide.

Through our work with industry, we have reduced the amount of beverage calories shipped to schools by 90%. Connect with a member of our team to talk about how your company could be part of our work in:

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